Touchstorm, LLC
Touchstorm, LLC
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Industry: Consulting and Professional Services

Founded: 2007

Staffed with a unique blend of marketers and technologists, Touchstorm and VideoAmigo are sister companies owned by Diginary Holdings, headquartered in New York and Richmond, with global employees serving clients around the world in fourteen languages.

Touchstorm ( is a tech-enabled services company that builds social media audiences for the world's largest brands. Using strategic solutions rooted in data, Touchstorm manages YouTube channels for organic growth, creates and executes influencer-marketing campaigns, conducts Topic Finder research, produces social videos, and executes paid media. VideoAmigo ( is a free self-serve social media analytics platform for creators and brands that help users Rise Above Your Rivals®.

In a world where data-rich marketing SaaS platforms abound, Diginary found its brand clients unable to use that data to plot a way forward. Deciding that the missing link was comparative information, the company created the Touchstorm Video Index®, placing virtually every Google search query, social media channel, and a billion pieces of social content into 5,500+ nested marketing categories. The results: competitive consumer insights and historical proof of what content and placements will work to grow an audience in any given category. Touchstorm uses the most advanced data to deliver audience wins for brand clients, and a portion of this data is available in the self-serve VideoAmigo platform, free.

Diginary Holdings is self-funded and women-owned. Touchstorm is certified as a women's business enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Company clients include Craftsman Tools, COVERGIRL, JCPenney, The Home Depot, Pampers, YouTube, Gillette, Max Factor, Vineyard Vines, Clairol, Kenmore, YETI, and more.